Delivering happiness and creating memories

The owners of Happy Cream, Kong and Daisy

A sweet passion

The owners of Happy Cream, Kong and
Daisy, had an idea to create extraordinary
ice cream that would be unlike any other
in Brunei, delivering happiness and
creating memories.




In 2015, Daisy left her full-time job and having free time at hand, made homemade ice cream in flavours that are unconventionally found in supermarkets or even shops at that time – Salted Caramel and Earl Grey. Initially intended as a weekend treat, the response to the homemade ice cream by family and friends was so good that they decided to sell it online via social media.
Today, Happy Cream specialises in premium artisanal ice cream in the most unique flavours. Kong heads the company overseeing every aspects of production; maintaining the commitment to making the best ice cream: ensuring each batch is handcrafted in small batches, using only premium quality ingredients to ensure great flavour and texture in every scoop.
Delivering happiness and creating memories

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